New beginnings: Introducing the MOTHER MADE


Hello, friends and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. We are the MOTHER MADE – a brand that puts healthy skin and balanced life at the heart of everything we do.

Our brand is run by women of different walks of life who know first-hand that a busy demanding lifestyle of a modern woman takes a toll on her skin. As each of us was juggling full-time jobs and side-projects, we came to value versatile, time-saving products. Products that work hard taking care of our skin, so we don’t have to. Products that free us from constantly wondering “Is my skincare working?” because we see the results. We believe that such products are essential necessities for any woman. And that’s why we developed minimal, carefully curated skincare range, so you can stop worrying, live in the moment and focus on pursuing YOUR dreams.

So, how do we achieve that?

It all starts with ingredients. Mother nature is powerful, but so is science, and it is the synergy between the two that yields the best results. Raw botanical extracts are volatile and unpredictable, so scientific intrusion is essential to make them not only stable but more functional over time.

We also take the time when developing a new product. Unlike mainstream brands, we don’t use standardized recipes. Instead, we pride ourselves in developing our products from scratch. Every product idea is born out of the desire to solve a particular skincare problem, and we spend months brainstorming, researching, making product samples and testing them (on real people!) before finalizing the formula.

Clean_RoomAfter we are 100% satisfied with the final sample, we move onto the production. All our partnering labs have ISO Certification, meaning that each and every ingredient that is used in our formula MUST go through a rigorous certification process. Such a strict quality control system ensures that all the ingredients, as well as the finished products, are of the highest quality and safe to use. It also guarantees ethical and transparent production practices.


And that’s our usual workflow.

It doesn’t always go smoothly, and sometimes our ideas don’t work out. Over the years, we’ve learned to be ruthlessly honest and not to go forward with a product if there is even a tiny bit of doubt left. That’s why our current range might seem limited at first. But in our eyes, it’s a true testament to how serious we are about bringing YOU, the customer, the best we can deliver.

We hope that on the pages of our website and this blog, the MOTHER MADE Edit, you will find inspirational, educational and empowering content that will help you achieve a healthy work-life balance and make a step closer to reaching your career and skin care goals.


To the new beginnings!

With love,





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