Why we made Active Charcoal Enzyme Powder Wash?

If you have enlarged pores that get clogged quickly, then you know that managing them is a never-ending battle. It becomes especially frustrating in the heat of summer when your sebaceous glands go into overdrive, and none of the usual blackhead remedies seem to be bringing the desired results. 

Desperate to find a solution for these pesky blackheads, you start washing your face excessively, double on the acid-containing products and break into a stash of pore-strips that was collecting dust on your vanity. Surely, you see some results, but this extreme regimen damages the skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving the skin weak, dehydrated and sensitized. Skin’s response? You guessed it – start making even more oil. And the circle goes on. 

How do we know? Well, because we’ve been there and made these mistakes. We learned the hard way that solving a particular skincare problem starts with letting go of “instant fix” mentality, putting to terms with the fact that good skin doesn’t happen overnight, and adopting skincare habits that will put skin health first. 

We knew we wanted to make a product that will provide a gentle, non-sensitizing solution to people suffering from congested skin and ever-clogged pores. But for a long time, we weren’t sure what kind of product would fit in with MOTHER MADE philosophy – skincare that is gentle, natural, multifunctional and innovative. 

We knew what kind of products we didn’t want to make, though: 

  • Any gimmicky products that promise to clear your pores instantly. It’s likely impossible, and if a product really does that, there are probably a myriad of adverse side effects that come along with it. (Pore strips, we’re looking at you). We talk about why pore strips are bad for your skin here.  
  • Clay masks or any type of wash-off masks. Don’t get us wrong, we love ourselves a good clay mask, and they are essential in your pore care regimen. But because there are already so many great products available on the market, we didn’t feel the need to make a product just for the sake of making it. Besides, consistent pore care routine is critical and let’s be honest, when life gets too busy doing a wash-off mask on regular basis sinks down on your priority list. 
  • Acid Exfoliants. Again, we love them, and there is for sure a time and place for a chemical exfoliant in your pore care routine. Salicylic Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acids are especially effective for treating blackheads. But the truth is, not all skin types can handle these acids well, making such products not suitable for sensitive skin. 

Then, what is it that we did want to make? We’ve said that before and will repeat it again and again. Consistency is key when it comes to developing an effective pore care routine.

So, here’s what we had in mind:

  • We wanted to make a basic skincare product that you can effortlessly incorporate into your existing regimen. 
  • We wanted to make a very gentle product that can be used daily, morning and evening. It also had to be sensitive skin-friendly. 
  •  Making a multifunctional product was high on our priority list. The product must not only treat congested pores but also work holistically – normalize sebum production and prevent pores from clogging in the first place.  Bonus points if we could come up with a product that can be used in several different ways.

And that is how Active Charcoal Enzyme Powder Wash came to be! 

The result is a gentle skin barrier respecting cleanser with non-drying Amino Acid surfactants, natural Bamboo Charcoal Powder and Papaya Enzymes that can be used daily worry-free. Use it in the morning to wash off the sweat and oils accumulated over night and in the evening as your second cleanser after removing make-up. It comes out as powder that transforms into foam once you add a little water, making it for a very relaxing cleansing experience. The fact that it’s a powder also comes in super handy for when you go traveling – decant it into a small container and take as much as you need with you. 

Oh, and that bonus point! Active Charcoal Enzyme Powder Wash can also be used as a mask pack for your T-zone! Combine the powder with water in a separate bowl and apply the mixture with a mask brush. Leave it on for several minutes letting bamboo charcoal to work its magic and remove with water or steamed towel.  

Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll go in-depth discussing the ingredients and what makes this powder wash so special. 


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